Marco Zanetti

Marco Zanetti

Passion for Sport, Education in Nutrition and pleasure on good food; a new and innovative reachable dream?
He graduated in Pharmacy majoring in Pharmacology first and then completed his Education with a Degree in Human Biology and Nutrition. He then continues to learn Science attending different specific courses on Nutrition and Training in Italy and US.
He is connected with different department of health to obtain the most updated news on Health, Sport and Nutrition to be applied on his work.
At an early age he gets close to the Sport of Natural Bodybuilding and by adopting a new approach on the preparation of athletes he wins the Nationals and with his team: 30 National titles, 20 European titles and 5 worlds. He was able to demonstrate that it is possible in a natural way to obtain a 2% bodyfat and maintain the most on lean bodymass.
His passion for travel and his frequent stays in Canada and US along with professional experience as counsellor in Nutrition and Training in sports like Bike and Group Sports helped him to grow
He consolidates his preparation by developing nutritional models for sports along with principles of correct lifestyle becoming a well recognized Nutritionist health and fitness coach to help people fight overweight and ageing. He decides to publish his first book to share his experience and ideas on the best nutritional and life approach
Actually his major work focus on Nutrition and Health, but he is involved in an ambitious project that unites the goal of a correct Nutrition and the pleasure of a good taste and food. His goal would be to share and divulgate simple principles and innovative ideas that may give people the will to undertake an healthy eating system . His secret keys… working with chefs and other professionals to uplift the italian enograstronomy excellence with a good plan of correct nutrition and convince a wider group that beauty, health and fun are not a dream.
Specialist in Perfomance Nutrition ISSN
Nutrition for Human and Health Promotion University of California
Nutrition for health and lifestyle
Gastronomy University of Hong Kong